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Don Martin - Drums

Don Martin has always been inspired and motivated by music of all genres. At the tender age of 13, Don started beating it (the drums that is). Don attended Marysville High School and participated in the marching band for 4 years. After graduating, he moonlighted as a substitute drummer for several years in local cover bands such as: Lost Highway and Lakeshore. In 1989, Don Martin embarked on a new journey with the cover band, The B-Sharp's. The B-Sharp's toured endlessly around the Blue Water area and surrounding areas for 13 years. Don then began standing in for drummer Dave Klink of The Voo-Doo Doctors. In the fall of 2003, Don joined forces with the Ray McDonald (Uncle) and Don Martin, Sr. (Father) to re-create the cover band The Ter-Cels.

Don Martin is now the drummer for the band that he once filled in for years before, The Voo-Doo Doctors. He is looking forward to a successful and fun filled future as a Voo-Doo Doctor.

Don Martin resides in Marysville with his loving wife, Lisa, and their dog, Charlie, who also fills in on harmonica for The Voo-Doo Doctors.