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Check out these ancient photos of some of the bands that the members of the Voo Doo Doctors used to play in. You may remember some of them. Where were you in 66'? If anyone has some photos in their personal collection of any of the band members from high school of anywhere, we would like to hear from you. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Al Langolf in "The Words" 42'
Purple Ford panel truck that he
bought from Gary Holmes in 1969

"The Descendents" 1966
featuring from left:
Johnny Farris, Al Langolf,
George Crawford,
Brian Browning and Jay Danials

"The Kahounas" 1967
featuring from left:
Al Langolf, Mike Worley,
Brian Browning and Tim Nult

"The Kahounas" Nov. 1966
featuring from left:
Bo Carlisle, Al Langolf,
Mike Worley and Brian Browning

"The Descendents" 1966
featuring from left:
Al Langolf, Gene Angerbrant,
Brian Browning and Mike Worley

"The Kahounas" 1966
featuring from left:
Al Langolf and Brian Browning

"Night Hawk " 1998
featuring from left:
Mark Seola and Gary Holmes

Gary Holmes and Dad, 1958

"The Deciples" Aug. 1965
featuring from left:
Bruce Dean, Bob McDonald,
Gary Holmes and Larry Bland


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